Shopify Review – Is it really that good?

BigCommerce is one of the best-known ecommerce platforms for online stores today. It is the main competitor of Shopify. Recently, BigCommerce launched a new interface which is seemed to be inspired by that of Spotify’s.

According to one user, while the new interface of BigCommerce is an improvement, it is rather complex and needs more polishing. The Product Options editor feature is quite confusing compared with the easy to use Product Options editor of Shopify. The Product Options in BigCommerce are in a separate interface from the products and have to be assigned as part of an option set.

BigCommerce has an email customization feature, but it is not user friendly. People who are not very technical may lose their patience trying to figure out the correct way to use it. If you are not very technical, it’s probably better not to try customizing emails.

One good point is that they have a full gift certificate system that allows customers to set the denomination. They also allow you to set discount rules and coupon codes. They have good third party shipping integration, with partners from Canada Post, USPS.Etc.

BigCommerce has a large app store where you can add affiliate programs, enhance analytics, and connect to third party software. Useful information with regards to downloadable products are shown, like download expiry dates, maximum downloads, and more.

One disappointing development is that BigCommerce has discontinued their iOS and Android app. They also don’t have support for recurring products. However, they have a third party theme store with a selection of free and paid themes. It should be noted that bigcommerce vs shopify are the only ecommerce platforms offering a theme store.

The problem with the theme store is that only a few free themes are responsive. So you have to go to the paid themes to get more options.

How to get a permission to travel with a pet

How to get a permission to travel with a pet

If you have a nice pet which can get therapeutic effects on many people. It has been noted that individuals with pets recuperate quickly which has the occurrence to another people. Even most of the people who suffered from heart attacks,  they have been understood to recuperate properly if they have good pets at home. Now it is a question, Why Pet animals have the Therapeutic Effects on human being?

Pets like cats and dogs have been understood to provide emotional support to both adults and kids at a time. They can meet a people craving to touch and to take care for someone. Child can spend long hours when their pets getting upset for long time. For most of the time,  kids with pets can help to become responsible and they are well adjusted with people. That’s why pet owners can get permission to have pets, even where pets are not allowed in some areas. Now Read the dogtor reviews when we will learn the ways of keeping our pets with us for all times.

We need to get special permit to keep these creatures when we keep with them. It is advantageous for those who rely on the pets for providing emotional support with healthier lives. It is true that having a dog can help the owner to walk frequently. It means that the pet owner has to walk is a great exercise.

 We know that cats and dogs are affectionate creatures. It would like to be petted this fills as like as human need to feel and touch loved. In the western countries like USA and Canada, most of the people want to keep a pet dog in their house. It is a great hobby. They like to provide a good shelter for pet animals. There are various types of pet care facilities available in these countries.

Cooking With An Air Fryer

Cooking With An Air Fryer

You probably might agree with me that it is very difficult to become a parent and to do the roles of a parent and a breadwinner all the same time. In this generation, we can’t deny the fact that there is a growing number of single parents composed of mostly young mothers and it is sad to know that some of them will have to stop school because they got pregnant and will have to do other duties and responsibilities just like their own parents and be able to provide for their children.

They become parents by the evening and a regular employee during the day or vice versa. But even so, the fact that you seem to be doing almost all things on your own makes it a challenge since it is very difficult for you to get used to it. It is also difficult when you are still trying to get used to the idea of being a single parent and having to prepare the meals all on your own as you take care of your child. If there would be a multitasking job award then definitely you are going to have it because of the sacrifices you have made and learning how to cook on your own through fried food. It must be your go to most of the time especially when you are in a hurry because you know for a fact that it can get rush in the morning and you will still need to prepare food in order to save money and energy.

There is nothing wrong with having to cook but just in case you need the most convenient and easiest way possible, you might want to check out philips airfryer review first and get a feel on how this product cost by checking the website.

Use Your Weekends to Relax with This Bright Idea

Use Your Weekends to Relax with This Bright Idea

If only you had enough time on your weekends so you can fully enjoy and relax. It has been very busy at work that sometimes you felt as if there is no time to relax anymore. You have been busy lately with paper works and there is just so many things going on lately that because of being very busy and in order to finish desk jobs, you sometimes bring paper works at home. Perhaps being the manager of the company is really exhausting at some point and if only you have the time to at least try to take a break, you would do so but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way at all. Click here to know more about stream complet .

Being at home is probably one of the best things in life for you since you can have some breaks and you can lie on your bed as you drift yourself off to sleep. When you are not yet sleepy, you usually hang out in your living room and just watch the television. It can be boring at times though but there is one way to liven up your living room with the help of internet and technology!

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